How It Works

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When you sign up to be part of Adfinity, we will work with you to set up your site to start delivering Adfinity ads to users who have ad blockers.

We Detect Ad Blockers

Our code will detect whether a user is blocking ads on your site.

We Deliver Non-intrusive Ads

If a user has blocked ads, we will show Adfinity ads in the same ad placements you have today. Our ads are relevant, fast and light-weight. Which results in a better ad experience for your most ad-sensitive users.

We Increase Your Revenue

You are now showing ads to users who did not see ads before, increasing your overall revenue.

Zero Risk

There are no set-up fees. No monthly fees. No risk.

20% of Users Have Ad Blockers

The latest numbers show that more than 20% of users now have an ad blocker to get around intrusive advertising on their computers and mobile devices, which results in zero ad revenue for you.

Easy Set Up

There are no ad slots tags to add, and no ads to configure. If a user has blocked your ads, we will place our ads in the same ad positions you have today.

Increase Your Revenue

Revenue generated through our service is on top of all your existing revenue. We will not change the ads you already have. Our ads are only shown when a user has blocked your ads.

Don't Block Users

We will keep users who have ad blockers on your site and increase your revenue by delivering them ads that by-pass their ad blocker.

Privacy Conscious

We do not track users or the content they visit. We are a privacy-first ad network. The ads we serve are related to the content on your website and not deliveried based on your users' data or history.

Ad Blocker Usage is Growing. Reclaim Your Lost Revenue.

The use of ad blockers is growing, which means that your ad revenue is decreasing. 20% of users worldwide are now using ad blockers across computers and mobile devices. We help reclaim this lost ad revenue by delivering light-weight ads to users that previously saw no ads.


Ad Blocker Usage

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you make the best decision. If you can't find an answer to your question, please reach out to us.

Do you support ads on desktop and mobile?

Yes, our ads are responsive and will work on any size device, including mobile, tablet and desktop.

Do you support ads in apps?

Currently we only support ads for the web. If your app including webviews, then you will be able to utilize them there as well.

Are there really no fees? How do you make money?

Yes, really. There are no fees. Similar to Google AdSense and other ad networks, we generate revenue through ads and keep a small portion while sharing the rest with our clients.

Are there any requirements to join?
  • We require that you have at least 50,000 page views per month.
  • We also require that you currently have ads on the page through a major network like AdSense.
  • You will require the ability to add a single line of server-side code to your site. This will be in the language you currently use to render your website. You can also add in the admin area in popular blog platforms like WordPress.
How much money will I earn?

Every site is different. Your earnings will vary based on the number of ads you have and your audience. In general your RPM will be lower than traditional ads because our ads are non-intrusive and are not targeted to specific users. A rough guideline is that you may see your ad revenue grow between 5% and 10%. Keep in mind this is additional revenue that you are not receiving today.

How easy is it to incorporate your ads?

You do not need to be a developer in order to add our ad network. We will help you along the way and our ad network is one of the easiest to ad. We will take advantage of your current ad placements and insert our ads in these locations when a user has blocked ads. There are no additional JavaScript files to tags to add to your site. All you need is one line of code.

Can I keep my current ad network?

Yes, we are not a replacement for your ad network, but we help you gain additional revenue by delivering ads to users who have chosen to block the ones on your site.

Do you collect user information?

No, we do not. We honor your privacy and the privacy of your users. Ad block users may have chosen to block ads for privacy concerns, bandwidth issues, or tracking purposes. We respect their decision and we provide the most privacy focused ads you'll find. We do not collect any information regarding your users or their activity. We also do not target ads to any users. The ads we deliver are relevant to the content on your website and not based on your users' interests.

What kind of ads will you show?

We will work directly with you on the types of ads you feel are most relevant to your website. Every ad is family-friendly and will not contain any inappropriate content. We strive to show the most relevant ads to your users based off the content on your website. For example, if you run a blog about Apple, you may want to show ads for iPhone cases and accessories.

I filled out an application. What should I do now?

We will send you an email with the next steps. If you filled out an application and didn't receive our email confirmation you application, you should let us know.

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